Turn any SSH server into a proxy.

SSH Proxy creates a HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS proxy through three simple steps, tightly integrated with OS X Keychain, secure and intuitive.

Free on Mac App Store

Requires OS X 10.9+, or download SSH Proxy for OS X 10.7/10.8.

Noteable features

  • Auto launch when log in OS X
  • Ability to share proxy on LAN
  • Create HTTP / HTTPS / SOCKS proxy through SSH tunnel
  • Fast switch between multiple SSH accounts
  • Automatically reconnect after disconnected by errors or waking up from sleep
  • Remember SSH login password and private key passphrase in OS X Keychain automatically
  • Whitelist, only sites on the list will be accessed through the proxy server, other sites will be connected directly

SSH functions

  • Support compressing SSH connection
  • Support public key and password authentication methods
  • Support RSA and DSA authentication identity (aka private key)
  • Support connecting through SOCKS / HTTPS proxy with authentication


With SSH Proxy, you can quickly switch between SSH servers, turn proxy on / off with single click.


Comprehensive SSH functionality

SSH Proxy support password / keyboard / publickey authentication methods, has abilities to share proxy, connect over a SOCKS / HTTPS proxy, etc.

Comprehensive SSH functionality
Amazing whitelist

Amazing whitelist

In addition to SSH basic proxy function, SSH Proxy support automatically routing your network traffic according to the rules on whitelist.

Free on Mac App Store