Core Shell

A terminal to make your SSH life easy.

Full-featured terminal with built-in OpenSSH support, focused on managing and login to hosts efficiently.

1-click login to a remote shell

Login to your remote host with one-click, fast and intuitive.


Compatible with OpenSSH

Everything in OpenSSH, remote shell session, certificates, proxy jump, etc.

Compatible with OpenSSH

OS X Keychain integration

macOS Keychain integration

macOS Keychain provides a strong secure storage for passphrases, Core Shell is tightly integrated with Keychain and makes your job easier than ever.

Advanced options editor

A handy way to edit per-host advanced options, contextual help provides immediate information for ssh directives.

Advanced options editor

Automatic reconnect

Automatic reconnect

Core Shell tries to restore your connections after network failure or waking up from sleep.

Extra advanced features

A lot of advanced features are on the way…

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Have hundreds or thousands of hosts? No problem, tagging comes to save.

Free or go Premium

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Number of hosts Unlimited Unlimited
Full-featured terminal
Compatible with OpenSSH
Integrated with macOS Keychain
Automatic reconnect
Advanced options editor
Custom tags
Importing and exporting
Automatic syncing
Scriptable ( automation with AppleScript and Automator)